Dr. Case currently teaches doctoral students in Purdue University’s Counseling Psychology program. The courses she teaches include Systems Concepts in Counseling & Development and On-site Practicum.

Prior to coming to Purdue, Dr. Case taught students at multiple points in their academic careers, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. Please see below for the list of classes she has taught and the institutions at which those courses have been offered.

Undergraduate courses:

  • General Psychology (PSY 112), Washington College
  • Personality Psychology (PSY 231), Washington College
  • Psychopathology I (PSY 233), Washington College
  • Mentoring Seminar (PSY 297), independent study, Washington College
  • Counseling Psychology Research (PSY 297), independent study, Washington College
  • Theories & Processes of Counseling (PSY 304), Washington College
  • Special Topics: Multicultural Awareness (PSY 394), Washington College
  • Special Topics: Youth Development Seminar (PSY 394), Washington College
  • Junior Seminar (PSY 399), Washington College
  • Behavioral Modification with Lab (PSY 403), Washington College
  • Psychology Internship (PSY 490), Washington College
  • Advanced Counseling Skills with Lab: Experiential Therapy (PSY 494), Washington College
  • Introduction to Educational Psychology (EDP 3310), Wayne State University
  • Multicultural Counseling (PSY 382), Edgewood College


Graduate courses:

  • Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy (EDP 7220), Wayne State University
  • Personality Assessment (EDP 7710), Wayne State University
  • Counseling Skills (CE 635), Boston University
  • Counseling: Philosophy, Theory, and Practice (CE 737), Boston University.
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Counseling Psychology (CE 741), Boston University
  • Social & Cultural Foundations (MH 706), Boston University School of Medicine